Internet of the future: .WTF, .LOL … and another 1,400 new domain zones

Ten years ago, the word Internet did not cause me any particular emotion, and I get along without it very easily. Today, any information, news, chat, dating, shopping, all the things that used to be in the “real world”, migrated to the network. It so happened that my work is related directly to the Internet. What to prevaricate, 10-12 hours I sit at the computer, looking at hundreds of sites per day.

So what I am is all I got used to the World Wide Web and become accustomed to its structure, ie. E. The addresses of sites with the extension COM, org, ua,, ru, less biz, info,, kiev. ua that are perceived as self-evident. Yes, there are other domain zones net, pro, tel, aero, mobi and hundreds of national domains, but they are clear, familiar.

But here, in 2012, the Corporation ICANN, regulates the Internet, announces its intention to expand the scope of the Internet and is now accepting applications for the creation of new domain zones. Do not know what to expect ICANN, but a total of 1,930 different organizations have filed applications for registration of new domains in 1409 (the cost of the application was left 185K! And this is just the application, not the fact that all get their domain zone, and some companies are so precisely in span, so there are a number of domains that are claimed by several companies).

The most popular domains have become .APP (in tune with the English word “application”) – his wish to register 13 candidates. Following are the domains .HOME (11 applications) and .ART (10 applications).

Fantasy applicants sometimes striking for its originality, in my opinion, there is a very great deals and simply absurd, about some of the new domains want to talk separately.

5 best services for Domain Name Generator

Recently I ran into quite unexpected problem choosing a domain name for some of my projects. If you try to look for something to do with health (health) or a car, for example, you’ll be a little surprised by the lack of normal names. It should be noted that there are two ways of selecting a domain – a beautiful (original) or more expensive. In the first case, you can not think about the theme of the project, use a hyphen, a combination of words, as well as various minor blast zone.

Judging from reading lately, expensive domain defines a number of factors – the keywords in the name of 1-2 words, the zone com (ru kraynyak), without a hyphen.

I mean useful check on the employment of some of their ideas, then found generators names, but anything sensible from the domain and is not attractive. And when I had lost all hope – I got super sensible article – Top 5 Domain Name Generator Websites (5 best domain name generator).

When creating a new project, you need to pay enough attention to them. Generators domains can greatly facilitate the task of finding, as they have very advanced functionality.

Bust A Name

Bust A Name Service produces a combination of different words. To get started, you specify a list of keywords (or any other) words, then the system will detect all possible combinations and display only options available. Awesome! – No need to manually check your favorite options, I admit, foresaw there :) In addition, the system has an offer of synonyms for the word in, so you can make even more combinations. Directly on the site it is possible to immediately register a favorite domain through some popular registrars.

Although no one stops to copy only the name and address to the registrar (if you have any questions on this matter, I advise you to read the article about the domain registration me personally – who and why) The site has video instructions for the service, which clarifies many nuances and functionality in order to get the most out of this tool.

In general, post the video here – it will help you understand how and what is happening in Bust A Name.

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